unknown-1Digital Marketing. What is Digital Marketing? It is obviously an aspect of marketing that is becoming much more relevant, but is it just putting ads online and using social media? No! There are many different aspects to digital marketing, including keyword research, search engine optimization, content and email marketing, and mobile considerations. While I will not be going into the different elements of digital marketing, I am going to speak from a student’s point of view and try to give other students advice on what their best practices may be when learning about digital marketing or considering/entering the digital marketing field.

I am currently enrolled in a digital marketing course at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and while I have taken many marketing courses (I am in my fourth year of earning a BBA in Marketing), this course has been unlike any of them. I thought digital marketing was just using social media and a website to promote a business, and I did not understand why it had it’s own course/major at my college. However, after taking this course, I have learned quite a bit about the digital marketing field, and have some advice for other students who are taking a digital marketing class or are a digital marketing major:

  1. Have an open mind. Digital marketing uses different aspects, materials, and ways of thinking than regular marketing does. For me, I went into my course close-minded, and I feel like I would have learned even more if I would have been more open to it.
  2. Pay Attention. The different aspects of digital marketing can be difficult to learn, and very intricate and technical. When you are learning the material, be sure to pay attention and take detailed notes. It can make the process easier to follow when you need to do it again.
  3. Practice. Try to practice what you have learned as much as you can. Maybe offer to do some free keyword research and SEO for a small business near you. Not only will you get experience, you can put everything you do in your portfolio or on your website.
  4. Take different digital marketing courses. If you are looking to enter the digital marketing world, try to take as many different digital marketing courses that your college offers. Learning different ways, views, and getting more experience can never hurt.
  5. Network. Network. Network. Networking is a huge part of the business world, and that is no different for digital marketing. Creating a name for yourself is always helpful. Also, making connections with different people, businesses, professors, or digital marketing firms can help you out in the future when trying to land a job!

While this advice may seem simple, students can tend to forget the simple things they should do to be successful. So, from one student to another, take a deep breath, pay attention, and practice what you’ve learned!

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