Social Media in Marketing

With social media having such a prominent presence in the online world, companies and businesses are discovering new ways to market themselves over the internet.  Social media is very inexpensive, easy to use, and can be utilized pretty simply in almost all aspects of marketing. Most company’s competitors are already active on social media, which just increases every company’s need to get online and be active. In this post, we’ll go over just a few of the benefits of having a strong presence on social media. 

Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Social media offers the opportunity to reach an unlimited amount of consumers, providing a new channel for a company or business to showcase their brand’s product, image, or content. When customers see a post about or from your brand, they may start to recognize it more often/in more places. This awareness can lead to a more publicly known company, which can be great for business. Along with increased awareness, a brand’s loyalty can increase immensely if it has a presence on social media. Some customers tend to feel more connected to a company if they are on social media, and since social media allows for two-way communication between the consumer and the company, customers tend to feel like they are heard more. All of this can lead to a brand having more loyal customers.

Social Media and SEO

If a digital marketer is looking to build links to support their SEO efforts, social media is a great avenue to do that. They can use different social media accounts to make back links to their site. For example, they can link their Twitter or Instagram Biography to their website, which will instantly provide a back link.  Going along with this, having a strong presence in the social media world can work as a “Brand Signal” to different search engines, which can prove that your brand is credible and legitimate.

Provide More Opportunities to Convert Customers

Every post that a company makes on social media can lead to a customer visiting their website and maybe even a purchase being made. With every effort a company makes on their profiles, they start to build a following. This following can consist of a wide range of customers, some who may have loyalty and some who may be new. The customers in this following may see the posts, and that could lead to a conversion. Eventually, the company’s effort will lead to converted customers, even if in small amounts. With the range of customers that social media is able to reach, and the opportunity it gives to lead to conversions, companies are almost guaranteed to get conversions.

More Opportunities to Gain Insight on Customers

Social media allows customers to interact with businesses, too, and gives company’s an almost humanized aspect to them since interaction is so easy and natural. Users like to see this side of brands, almost like brands are not huge companies, but just another social media user. This interaction between the brand and the consumer can give the company a ton of useful information. Companies can find out what customers really think about their product by reading different reviews, or read about how their business is viewed in the public. The two-way communication is essential to marketing, and social media offers a new and great way to get this communication.

Overall, social media has a really huge place in all aspects of marketing, including digital marketing. It can advertise, create publicity, get customer reviews, and even help improve a company’s SEO efforts. If businesses are not already on social media, then they definitely need to consider getting online very soon. For more information, check out to learn about social media in branding.


What Is Social Media Marketing?

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