Keyword Research: What is it? How can businesses benefit from it?


Keyword research can teach you so much about your website and your customers. You are able to see what web users are searching for and utilize this information, as well as seeing and responding to market conditions like demand shifts.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a practice that SEO (search engine optimization) professionals perform to discover and research the actual search terms that people enter in different search engines.

How can companies benefit from keyword research?

While it can be beneficial to try to get every customer on your website, getting the right customer on your sight can be even better. If a high end car company knows that more people search for “luxury cars” instead of “expensive cars”, they can aim their keyword strategy to work towards the more popular search term. Keyword research allows companies to see which of their search terms are most effective or searched the most often, and that knowledge can totally change a website’s SEO strategy.

So, how should companies go about doing/using keyword research?

Step 1: Using everything you know about your business, make a list of relevant topics and important words.

You should come up with topics, broad or small, that are a major focus for your business. When doing this, make sure you are thinking the way your customer or target audience does, think of things they may reference with your site. With topics in mind, you can now think of smaller keywords or phrases that buyers may relate to your business.

Step 2: Research Search Terms

Now that you have sample keywords in mind, take those keywords and type them into search engines. You can see what websites are already utilizing those terms (sizing up competition), see related terms, usually placed at the bottom of the page on search engines, and get more or better ideas about the keyword ideas you have.

With your keyword ideas, you can have a combination of short term keywords and long-tail keywords. (To learn more about long-tail keywords, read this blog:)

Step 3: Using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you can see which keywords you should focus on.

By logging on to the Google Keyword Planner, you can search the different keyword ideas you have and see which have high or low traffic volumes and different bidding prices. Along with this, Google Trends can give you a bit more information about each of your terms. You have to decide which keywords are best for your company, whether that be a keyword with a high search volume to get a ton of customers or one with a low search volume to focus on specific customers.

Keyword research may seem simple, but it can be so important for a company to get the right customers at the right time! With a great combination of keywords, great products, and the right buyers, a company can reach huge success!



How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

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