What is Programmatic Buying? programmatic-feature2

Programmatic buying is a process of using real time bidding in an automated fashion to allow companies to buy or sell different online or mobile ads, desktop displays, videos, etc. The word “programmatic” really just means that machines are being used in the display buying process. Marketing professionals are able to set the goals and the budget of each advertisement and then send it off, letting the real time bidding process work its magic.

Benefits of Programmatic Buying:

  1. The process is automated. This can allow marketers to set up an ad and put it into motion, then have the platform adjust and configure the right settings to ensure that goals are met. Since the display process is done in an automated way, marketers can feel more confident that the ads are reaching the right people at the right time and place.
  2. Greater control is given. The markings specialists have the ability to set every aspect of the at including budget, goals, target location, and more. This greater control can also allow marketers to choose a specific market that is the target for these advertisements. With what they already know about their target customer, marketing specialists can run target ads through programmatic display buying that will only be used to reach that target group.
  3. Makes ads more relevant to the consumer. With all the data that can now be used in programmatic buying, consumers will now see ads that are extremely relevant to them, their needs, and their customer profile.

What methods are effective in Programmatic Display Buying?

There are so many different ways to be successful with programmatic buying. First off, you need to focus on your customer. You should identify different attributes of your target customer. What are their interests? How do they behave? Demographics? What is their past purchase history? What have they previously done on your site? Once you have these identified you can focus on providing the right adds to that customer and all the right times. When dealing with your actual advertisement you want to make sure it is the right size with the right message. An easy way to get started with this is to upload a few different advertisements and let the system pick which one is the best and which one performs the most efficiently. Once you have the right ad and the right audience, you have to set the right bid. While this may seem difficult, all you have to do is set a budget, and the automated process will take care of the rest for you!

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